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Image by Tara Meinczinger

Enjoy the journey and discover  the Greek Spirited Winter Tales, by Grace Gin!

Grace Gin ambassadors embarked on a journey through Greece to find precious local ingredients to enrich the Grace Gin cocktailing experience. They came up with unique signature cocktails, inspired by iconic Greek places, myths, aromas and tastes of timeless value.

Image by Tina Vanhove

* Black Laurel_is the Greek mavrodafni, a unique grape variety that produces both sweet, Port type, wines, as well as exceptional dry wines.

Mavrodafni is without a doubt a great variety of Greek grape. Greek Spirited, unexplored and unexpected, it is admired for its authenticity and diversity.  Dense aromas of dried plums and black currants, and a particular spicy "bitterness", give a complex dimension to the finish of Mavrodafni wines. Patra, in Achaia, where this variety is grown, is recognised as a protected geographical location.

Black Laurel_*

Patra, Peloponnese

Grace Gin 30ml/Mavrodafni wine 30ml/Amaro 20ml. Top up with grapefruit soda and serve in a highball glass, with ice. Garnish with a grapefruit peel.

Image by Danie Franco

Lady Sour in Grace_*

Samos, Aegean Sea

Grace Gin 40ml/Vin doux 20ml/Verjus 15ml/grape spoon dessert 2 tsp. Serve in a Nick and Nora glass. 

* Based on unique Samos Vin Doux and grape "spoon sweet", a nostalgic savour of the past 

Samos Vin Doux (category of Vins de Liqueurs) is the most popular wine of Samos. It features as No. 1 in sweet wine sales in Greece, while it is exported all over the world. The island's land, under the influence of the sun and the Aegean wind produce a unique variety of moschato grapes. A light golden color and a nose dominated by aromas of apricot jam, and ripe melon make this wine, among other things, an excellent ingredient for sophisticated cocktails.

One of the most traditional Greek delicacies, "spoon sweets", resulted from the need of households to preserve the abundant fruits and vegetables, by preserving in syrup. In the time of our great-grandparents, these sweets were served in a large bowl with many teaspoons or in small treats on a teaspoon.


Home cocktailing with Grace Gin

Pick the right glass. "It is about elevating the whole experience...when you’re drinking out of an antique crystal glass, there’s something about the drink that’s more special, and it does taste better.”


The Centaur_*


Grace Gin 40ml/Apple 1 slice/Spiced syrup 20ml/Rakomelo 10ml/grapefruit juice 10ml. Top up with soda and serve in a  highball glass, with lots of ice.  

Forest Road

* Inspired by the mythical Pelion mountains, home to legendary centaurs, where spices and romance excite the imagination for our Greek Spirited Winter Tales.

Spices warm up our Winter Tales, and rakomelo is full of them! A signature Greek Spirited mix,  it is enjoyed warm, always in good company. Rakomelo is made by combining raki, a type of grape pomace brandy with honey and several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamon or other regional herbs. Aromatic, sweet and intense, it perfectly combines with the freshness of apple, a favorite winter fruit. 


Home cocktailing with Grace Gin

Ice matters and provides more than just cooling our cocktails.  Ice has the importance equivalent to that of a freshly squeezed fruit juice or quality liquors in any mix. Thus it deserves an appreciation. Crushed or shaved, ice cubes or balls, choose the right kind for your cocktail. And remember: the better the quality and the proportion of ice as well as other ingredients in a cocktail, the better the taste.


Fig!Oh Spritz_*

Evia Peninsula

Grace Gin 40ml/Fig jam 2tbs/Gratus 20ml/Suze aperitif 10ml/Grapefruit juice 10ml. Top up with lemon tonic and serve in a  wine glass.

Image by Luke Braswell

* Inspired by the sophistication of this amazing fruit, gracefully grown in Evia, where Grace Gin is produced. 

Figs have been a component of the diet of all Mediterranean peoples since ancient times and their cultivation was described by Aristotle. In classical Greece, they were the third most important fruit, after olives and grapes.

They are natural antioxidants, reach in fibers and calcium. Although figs are a summer fruit, they are enjoyed widely through out the year, dried. Evoia is a protected geographical location where the renowned "Evia figs" are produced. 

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