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Our Greek Spirited Summer series. Iconic Greek summer places, from Chios to Monemvasia, inspire us and you to experiment with unexpected mixes, spices and aromas.

Image by Ricki Krause

Monemvasia, a historic towering rock  standing against the sea

A fairy tale scene in the Peloponnese: Vaulted alleys, Byzantine churches and Venetian mansions...


 Sweet sour and aromatic, inspired by wilderness.

Based on Grace Gin, Monemvasia mead, quince and verjus 

Monemvasia Mead [liquid honey]

 The name, according to tradition, derives from the honeymoon:  it is said that the newlyweds cosnumed it, for a future "sweet" wedding life. In Greek mythology, the famous Nectar of the Gods was actually the mead!

Image by Florian GIORGIO

Santorini, a timeless classic

Enchanting, romantic, cosmopolitan…However you describe it, Santorini  is a one-off. A life’s dream for millions around the world, the volcanic isle in the Aegean’s Cyclades island chain evokes powerful emotions and intense feelings in everyone who visits.

 Sweet sour and aromatic.

Based on Grace Gin, mead, quince and verjus 

Inspired by wilderness


Bittersweet cocktail, inspired by contradictions. 

Based on Grace Gin, vinsanto and amaro infused with sun dried tomatoes from Santorini, and Campari.

Santorini sundried tomatoes

The Santorini tomato is a distinct variety that originated in Egypt and the way it got to Santorini is lost in the legend. As it is said, the tomato was brought by the captains of Santorini,  who transported Theraiki land with their ships for the needs of the opening of the Suez Canal.


Corfu, a noble land

Lush hills, sandy beaches and blue-green seas


Bittersweet and sparkling, inspired by tranquility. 

Based on Grace Gin, Kumquat Liqueur from Corfu, suze bitter and Bergamot soda 

Corfu kumquat

The trademark of Corfu.  An oval orange fruit with sweet and slightly acidic taste. Kumquat is a citrus tree, with origins in China and Japan, which is grown extensively for almost a century in Corfu.


Crete, an island full of dynamism

The largest island in Greece, Crete is renowned for its pin-up beaches, wild natural beauty, exquisite cuisine and thousands of years of culture and history


Twisted dirty martini, inspired by Mediterranean light.

Based on Grace Gin, asyrtiko wine, extra dry vermouth and samphire salted water from Crete


Rock Samphire or Kritamos from Crete

The botanical name is crithmum maritimum and grows near golden sandy beaches, on the rocks. It’s extremely tolerant to the wind and is infused with the saltiness of the sea.

Scientists consider Kritamos as a future super food since it’s rich in vitamin C and is well known for its antibacterial uses. Dioskouris and Plinios highly rated kritamos for being rich in essence oils, vitamins and iodine. In Ancient Greek gastronomy, it was extensively used in salads and was preserved in salt.


Syros, a dreamy elegance

Syros is an island in the South Aegean that is at the same time cosmopolitan and Cycladic, stately and traditional, Orthodox and Catholic 


Aromatic and full flavored, inspired by elegance.

Based on Grace Gin, Syros blush wine and rose flavored loukoumi, pomegranate rose Liqueur

Traditional ‘loukoumi’ from Syros

A dessert that we find for the first time in the Turkish cuisine, back in the 15th century, under the name rahat-ul hulküm, a family of confections called loukoumi in Greek.

According to one version of the story, the creator of loukoumi is the confectioner Hatzi Bekir who was inspired when the sultan protested that he broke his tooth from a hard candy he ate and was looking for a soft dessert. Like so many other dishes of Greek cuisine, loukoumi followed the fate and course of people in space and time.


Chios, a unique treasure of the Aegean

Famous for its medieval villages, diverse landscape, beaches with wild beauty and ‘miraculous’ masticha, Chios, in Greece’s North Aegean island chain, is a place of hidden treasures found around every corner.


Sweet and sour, full bodied, inspired by farway feelings.

Based on Grace Gin and Chios Mastic Liqueur, Chios Mandarin and honey.

Chios mandarin

The mandarin of Chios is considered one of the most fragrant in the world and its cultivation takes place in the beautiful orchards of Kampos, found in the South of the Chora and along the east coast of the island. In this little paradise, the «mandarin of Chios » is produced, being the  97th  Greek PDO product.

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