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food & gin experience for the gin enthusiasts (and not only)!

Welcome to the brand new food pairing encounters by Grace Gin. Three Chapters that are really worth your attention!

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*Colorful, refreshing, tasty, fun, so social,

open-to-participation project, that's here to shake you and stir you!


#Starting point Grace Gin inspired ambassadors meet with young professionals, chef and pastry chefs and they come up with creative, graceful and provocative gin & food pairings.


#Meeting point  Τasty and trendy hangouts on the Greek islands and cities. 


* Chapter #1

Athens_Antonis Selekos Conceptual Desserts 

The upcoming pastry chef Antonis Selekos meets with Alexandros Katsogiannis, Grace Gin Ambasador to experiment on sweet pairings. Citrus and Signature Panettone, as well as an exquisite citrus merengue and bitter chocolate creation are combined with fruity, sophisticated summer Grace Gin cocktails.


*We all met at Pagrati, where Antonis Selekos conceptual desserts studio is located. Antonis desserts where exceptional, Alexandros drinks accompanied them superbly and uplifted our spirits. Pairing Antonis unique pastry with fruity and refreshing Grace Gin cocktails was absolutely divine and we strongly recommend it for a laid-back Sunday afternoon with friends, at home. 


* Chapter#2_Thessaloniki

Thodoris Pastourmatzis

Food Truck/ Food Cartel

When Thodoris Pastourmatzis met Alexandros Psaras, the Grace Gin Ambassador, a unique pair was born, with the underground tastes of Food Truck on one hand, and the classic nature of the Grace Gin cocktails. Burgers and Baguettes combined with classic -but with a twist- Gin cocktails, created a fresh and rich in taste experience.

*All time classic recipes were reborn through a fusion cuisine and cocktail pairing. Thodoris’ foods, that meant the awakening of the taste buds, blended in harmony with Alexandros’ cocktails in a refreshing tasting experience. An alternative, bold approach to street food with a hint of summer breeze, to create the perfect Saturday night-in experience!

*Thought about sharing recipes and pairings, have a look and try it yourself.


* Chapter#3_The Islands


Lemnos_Pezoula The home of taste

Going from Athens to Thessaloniki and straight ahead to Santorini and Lemnos, Grace Gin Chapter #3 is the absolute essence of a nostalgic Greek summer memory...

*Greek summer and Cyclades are allied, thus, first stop in Chapter’s #3 tour is the most iconic of them all: Santorini. The rendezvous took place at one of the most elegant fine dining restaurants, NAOS Oia Restaurant-Bar. The creativity and expertise of Bar Manager Constantinos Butanis and Chef Thodoris Kakoulis came to life through their own version of ambrosia, a Grace Gin Cocktail with an incomparable taste, combined with a twisted Greek yogurt breakfast for dessert. A complete dining experience that linked the refined nature of Grace Gin with the fine dining cuisine of NAOS, based on carefully selected local products. The creation of this particular pairing is in a perpetual cycle of influence; just as the mentality of Chef Thodoris Kakoulis influenced that of Bar Manager Konstantinos Butanis.

Image by Aggeliki Tsiona

*Next stop: Lemnos.  Alexandros Alexandrou open the gates of his cozy “Pezoula” to the Grace Gin spirit and welcomes the signature Grace Gin Cocktails of Alexandros Katsogiannis, Grace Gin Ambassador. The zest of the Red Snapper was married to the signature Pezoula Burger, while a plateau of Melichloro (local cheese), was sweetly paired with a Dried Fruits Negroni. 


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