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* Chapter #3

The Greek Islands_Santorini and Lemnos

* Greek graceful sophistication

Based on Grace Gin's elegant character, a twisted version of ambrosia was created and it was paired with the intricate mix of Greek yogurt with white chocolate. The exquisite Santorini pairing is the by-product of the Bar Manager’s, Constantinos Butanis, and the Chef’s, Thodoris Kakoulis, allied mindsets.

The dessert is inspired by a full breakfast experience, developing it, in a deconstructured manner, to a dessert form. Melted white chocolate meets with Greek yogurt and crunchy honey to bring the contrast of textures into every bite. The iced lime meringues give a zest to the oat cracker, while the thyme gel makes every bite more exciting. The dessert is also combined with yogurt ice cream, a refreshing touch that completes the pairing.

The Grace Gin Cocktail, on the other hand, is the sum of all the stimuli that Chef Thodoris Kakoulis has passed on to Konstantinos Butanis. A recipe inspired by the fresh Greek products used by the chef since 2021, a result of the shared mentality to glorify Greek products. It brings in one sip all the elements that are reminiscent of Greece. As a result, we get the sweetness of Cretan honey contrasting with the acidity of fresh citrus juice. The contrast between them brings out all the botanicals of Grace Gin and  tops them up with a vegan cream and Aphrodite bitters. The rose water lends to the ethereal character of the drink, while the thyme soda brings the sparkling factor to the tasting experience. The cocktail is garnished with a honey biscuit.


* Earthy, unpretentious pairings

Red Snapper

Grace Gin, tomato juice and lime juice made for a great base. The caper juice accentuated the overall experience through its the briny taste. Drops of Vinsanto top it up and gave a vigorous Red Snapper to accompany one of the most popular dishes of "Pezoula", the Pezoula Burger. 

Dried Fruits Negroni

A stronger Grace Gin Cocktail was born when Grace Gin was paired with the bittersweet Punt E Mes vermouth and dried fruits, dipped in Campari. Paired in grace with a cheese platter from the favorite "child" of Lemnos, Melichloro, it was a mature pairing that matched the aromas of citrus fruits with the cheese flavor.

Botanical Gimlet

The cocktail that carries all the wisdom of the earth, Botanical Gimlet, has a pure gin character. The botanical element is introduced through the sage leaf syrup and is intensified through the lime juice. The experience is completed with pieces of pineapple, that enclose the summer breeze in one sip.

The Botanical Gimlet was paired with a twisted version of savoury Panacotta, adapted to the required taste experience. The main ingredient of Panacotta was tahini, that complemented the earthy character of this signature cocktail.

Rose Sangria

The witty character of Rose Sangria Grace Gin Cocktail was evident when Grace Gin was mixed with Rosé wine. The pomegranate liqueur sweetened the burst of flavors, but the cocktail reached its peak when strawberries and red berries were added. The cosmopolitan spirit of this Grace Gin Cocktail was contradicted by the Pezoula "Stari" (wheat) Salad, hiding the exquisite flavors of a modest island, in every bite.

Citrus Spritz

“Autumn is nearing”  in the sweetest way possible, with Citrus Spritz Grace Gin Cocktail. The cocktail combines the distinctive character of Grace Gin with the traditional Bergamot liqueur in a feast of citrus flavors, that are further enhanced by the acidity of lime.

The Citrus Spritz Grace Gin Cocktail was paired with Pezoula's unique Ciappata Kaskavali, where the traditional Italian ciappata was garnished with one of the oldest and most aromatic cheeses of Lemnos, Kaskavali. The last pairing seals the chapter#3 experience of an original Greek summer with a taste of autumn.

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