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* Chapter #2

Thessaloniki_Food Cartel with Thodoris Pastrourmatzis 

* White negroni#1 with wheat ciabatta with salmon fillet

Delicious wheat ciabatta bread with poppy seeds, filled with smoked salmon fillet, vegan mayo mousse with fried caper flower and curry. Α pinch of burned lemon ground and slices of cucumber pickle give it a fresh aroma. Final touches: baby rocket and herring on top!

It stands in perfect harmony with this Grace Gin signature cocktail, full of the scents of citrus and white vermouth.

A spoonful of good spirit and a little summer breeze means you’re ready to recreate it too!

The recipe: Grace gin, Bergamot liqueur, for the citrus scent and White vermouth.

An easy but bold recipe, which requires a short whiskey glass to achieve pleasure through that classic feel.

whit negroni

* Red snapper#2

 with French baguette with smoked mackerel 

or/and a burger brioche with bacon bone

French Baguette filled with smoked mackerel, dried tomato Lagkada pesto, olives from Chalkidiki, sarmadakia -made with Kalochori rice and Macedonian vine leaves. Sarmadakia were topped with a fusion version of lemon and oil dressing, where a pinch of Grace Gin gave it a unique touch! Truffle mousse for richness in taste, sauté Florina pepper, lime and kritamo mousse to make the recipe complete.

Why have a perfect match, when you can have two?

 The recipes complement perfectly the Red Snapper Grace Gin signature cocktail, with tomato juice and rich truffle oil. Wow.

A sophisticated drink, for those who seek a red banger.

The recipe: Grace gin, tomato juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, Balsamic vinegar with honey, truffle oil and Worcestershire sauce.

The cosmopolitan feel demands for a short drink glass. A cocktail that will amaze you, combined passionately with both of Thodoris Pastourmatzis’ adventurous recipes.

red snapper

* Salty Dog#3 with a split bun with salmon and sea bream


A flavorful split bun (aka hot dog bun) filled with buttered salmon and sea bream, which we marinate with spices and Mediterranean herbs. We are topping with hot pepper and dried herring, pico de gallo and extra olive oil. The creamiest…Grace Gin mousse was added on top (just blend Grace Gin with kritamo) for a divine hot dog.

The perfect alt hot dog that Thodoris created, was the missing piece in the puzzle of this refreshing Grace Gin experience.

Good company and a dose of sparkle through the sprit to start.

The recipe: Grace gin, lime juice, pink grapefruit soda.

For a pleasurable sweet and sour taste, with the accent of pink grapefruit and the freshness of lime, the drink should be served -and enjoyed- in a tall glass.

salty dog

Thodοris Pastourmatzis_Food Cartel  is an absolutely unique food concept! An impressive food Truck and street food stores, that support Greek food producers from all around Greece, through cooking.

Pay them a visit@

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