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* Chapter #1

Athens_Antonis Selekos Conceptual Desserts 

* This is not a beer #1

Italian merengue, white chocolate, kumquat, lemongrass. Oh yes, this is a superb conceptual panettone by Antonis Selekos. A source of inspiration for a heavenly rich in mandarin aromas, Grace Gin cocktail.

Get ready, it is super easy, all ingredients can be found on a liquer store in the neighborhood.


It takes 40ml Grace gin, 20ml Edinburgh Gin mandarin and orange blossom liquer, 2 tspns of mandarin jam, a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add 20ml of pasterized egg white to create the foamy effect and top it up with pergamonto soda.


Sweet and sour, refreshing, looking like a beer and feeling like a fresh squeezed orange juice. The glass is always of paramount importance when serving a sophisticated cocktail, so make sure to use the right one.


* A love affair#2

Red fruits, bitter chocolate, creamy mascarpone and a touch of coffee. Also known as h e a v e n o n e a r t h

It takes 40ml Grace gin, 20ml Edinburgh Gin rasberry liquer, 2 tspns of red fruits jam and a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice.


Sweet and sour, smooth, full of aromas, sophisticated and refreshing. Don't use ice but do use a special glass to absolutely sky rocket the experience.


We discovered that this Red Velvet Grace Gin cocktail also combines perfectly with the ultimate Signature Panettone by Antonis Selekos...just imagine: raisins, cranberries, home made lemon & orange confit and bitter chocolate in this wonderfully unique and preciously fresh creation.

Love affair

* Lemon & Shake#3

Antonis Selekos conceptual citrus diamond-in-a-bowl (with a touch of gold!) combines perfectly with this lemon & jasmine Grace Gin cocktail.

You simply need to gather the ingredients and arrange for good company!


Well, it takes 40ml Grace gin, 10 ml mastiha liquer, 10ml Edinburgh Gin lemon & jasmine liquer, lemon jam, sage sirop, plus a touch of lemon butter, discovered in Antonis Selekos studio.


It' s aromatic, elegant, refreshing and easy to prepare at home. Don't use ice but do use a classic vintage glass to enjoy.


* Tip. Gently crash the crispy merengue with a spoon and taste all the aromas and textures melting in your mouth.

lemon and shake

Antonis Selekos Conceptual Desserts can be discovered at his hospitable and friendly studio in Pagrati, where usually you can find himself there, experimenting and trying out new ideas. Make sure to pay him an oh-so-sweet visit or alternatively visit


* Chapter#2_Thessaloniki for a graceful street food gin party

Launching in June

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