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Grace Gin, being proudly Greek, kindly supports actions for the welfare of kind-hearted donkeys, a noticeable part of Greece's natural and cultural heritage. 

Grace Gin is the result of a shared vision between three women, two second generation distillers and a spirited woman with extensive knowledge and experience in the drinks industry.

The Three Graces have researched and experimented with recipes for more than a year to decide on the 13 different botanicals and the extraction processes to be used.

The Three Graces have researched and experimented with recipes for more than a year to decide on the 13 different botanicals and the distillation processes to be used.

be kind to every kind

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by nature


The uniqueness of Grace Gin lies in its rich aromatic character, that comes from its botanicals, a fine and sophisticated selection from Greek nature’s land and sea.


It all starts with continuous distillation to flavor the base spirit with 8 botanicals: Juniper berries, angelica root, orris, lemon and orange peels, cardamom, coriander and cassia bark.​ Then, only the “heart” of the distillation is carefully selected by using a vapor-infused method, also applied for essence oils production.

In addition to the base botanicals, schinos, myrtle leaves and orange blossom from Evia, have been added, and are perfectly combined with critamos (from Crete) and pink pepper. 

handcrafted, 100% distilled

The hand crafted aspect, emphasizes the process of the ingredients' selection and how the distiller blends them, to flavour the neutral grain spirit.

The term “distilled gin” means it is 100% traditionally distilled in pot stills in combination with the finest perfume techniques.


Grace gin has an ABV of 45,7%. On the nose it is juniper driven. At the same time this fresh-pine aroma combines perfectly with the presence of critamos and schinos. The pink pepper and cassia flavor are in the background while myrtle hints enhance this complex aromatic profile.

The palate is interestingly oily and robust. Both juniper and critamos are immediately to the fore, making a perfect match with the spicy character from coriander, pink pepper and cassia bark. There are underlying hints of an intense freshness with earthy elements.


Available in Greece in 700ml and 200ml bottles and exported to USA, Australia, Switzerland, England, Germany and Cyprus.

appreciated by the world


Grace Gin has won 18 international awards and distinctions, underlying the commitment of its producers to excellence.

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