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One of the most beloved and recognisable characters of Greece, is the kind-hearted donkey, a noticeable part of its cultural landscape. 

We at Grace Gin, who are proudly Greek, aim to preserve that heritage and are committed to supporting these loving animals. We are proud to be an active sponsor of the Hellenic Donkey Center and to help them in their goal to provide a loving, safe environment to care for, and in some instances rehabilitate, these gentle creatures. Their aim is to retain and develop the charismatic nature of each donkey, and build awareness to promote respect and mutual co-existence with this adorable animals.

Image by Gilles Rolland-Monnet


Image by Spencer  Watson
Image by Tim Mossholder
Image by Vince Gx
Image by Luis Palicio
Image by Omar Ram

The Hellenic Donkey Centre’s primary purpose is the welfare of Greek Donkeys. Its activities are focussed on the improvement of the conditions in which donkeys live and work in Greece, and also to care for those in need. Additionally, they aim to promote awareness and understanding of this gentle creature. 
It maintains stables and land, where it can accommodate donkeys including many that have been abandoned, abused, or can no longer be taken care of by their owners. Once a donkey has been physically and mentally restored to good health, the Hellenic Donkey Center aims to provide a safe shelter for them via adoption in a home full of kindness.

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