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Grace Gin is not just any gin. It is a true Greek Spirited experience. Proudly, Grace Gin is the most awarded, internationally celebrated Greek spirit, a testament to its unique combination of Greek botanicals and high quality distillation process. We take pride in our hand-crafted approach, with every bottle carefully distilled to the highest standards.


Grace gin has an ABV of 45,7%. On the nose it is juniper driven. At the same time this fresh-pine aroma combines perfectly with the presence of critamos and schinos. The pink pepper and cassia flavor are in the background while myrtle hints enhance this complex aromatic profile.

The palate is interestingly oily and robust. Both juniper and critamos are immediately to the fore, making a perfect match with the spicy character from coriander, pink pepper and cassia bark. There are underlying hints of an intense freshness with earthy elements.


Available worldwide.

In 700ml and 200ml bottles.

Exported to USA, Australia, Switzerland, England, Germany and Cyprus.

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